During my research on what our future could look like, I stumbled across different people, methods and world views. Forecasting methods and their users. Agencies, initiatives and organizations — many people deal with the topic of the future. It was striking that the view of the future mostly takes place…

User interface design guidelines and component library for modern mobile-first user experience design for Yaas.

Techné — Design Guidelines

Goal and Setup

Yaas, “Hybris as a service” — is an SAP Hybris micro-services cloud platform. The platform allows developers to write their UI components and modules to enrich the software. Different teams were working on the same…

My retrospective on being a part of the design and production phase of the redesign of Germany’s most known tech-savvy editorial brand.

Goal and Setup

Chip Online (CHIP) is the widest-reaching editorial technology portal on the German-speaking Internet. The website has grown over the last years and had no consistent design from one…

Jens Rusitschka

Product Strategies & Organisations, User Experience Design www.jensru.de

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