Can we even imagine a positive future for everyone?

Ubiquitous popular science fiction continues to offer simple and outdated ideas on the subject of the future. Technical enhanced people, a lot of metal, modern architecture — cold and technocratic. In my imagination we lack a space for possible and positive dreams about our future. A new, a fresh look at what lies ahead. If we don’t have a shared vision of the future, where we don’t just lose, but gain in quality of life, we will have a hard time moving forward in that direction as a society and as humanity. Creating dreams helps us to discover this future.

A positive future becomes achievable

Because only if we have a goal, if we imagine a new positive environment, we can motivate others to voluntarily move towards this goal. Dreams can be exchanged for motivation and goals. If we don’t start imagining and talking about the future in a positive way, then we have already lost the battle for it today.

Promote uniqueness of talent

People with special talents can help us. It is important to find those who can create dreams. Who want to tell new stories with a positive outlook for others. We need special people with different and extraordinary abilities. Dreamers, fantasists, brave ones. Communicative and cooperative, doers and networkers.

Freedom and free living through technology

How can digital and communication technologies support us in this? In any case, they should not prevent us from doing so. Or even cloud our view of it. Good technology can be so much.

The four pillars of Anode Futures

Anode Futures is the blog in which I want to deal with these issues. Visualize market observations, future alternatives and novel products. My four guiding principles for Anode-Futures are:

  • A good future can be imagined and visualized
  • A positive future is achievable
  • Promote uniqueness of talents
  • Freedom and free living through technology

I will not accept that our development tends in a direction that we cannot change. If we don’t start imagining a new future that solves problems, that excites many people, we won’t achieve it.

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